Top Three Country Music Festivals in USA

by on February 25, 2011
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Country Music Festivals in USA

It is said that around 2,500 Music Festivals are held in USA alone. The nation enjoys all genres of music but country music is very popular. Nearly in every state Country Music Festivals are held which are attended by music lovers in large numbers.

The WE Fest is one of the leading country music festival held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The event started in 1983 and lasts for around 3 to 4 days in August. Fans from all over the US gather to attend this event where big names in country music frequently perform. More than 50,000 fans come to watch their favorite stars perform live and also to boost the emerging talents. You can camp or come in your RVs. Bathroom, potable water; showers and hand wash stations are provided for the convenience of the fans. Some big names who will be performing this year are Brad Paisley, Jerrod Niemann and Blake Shelton.

You can watch Martina McBride perform live in the Country Thunder Music Festival this year in Florence Arizona. This 4 day annual event will start from 7th April. This event is more than a festival; it is carnival with scrumptious food, 6 different camping sites to choose from, local arts and crafts and non-stop music. Although campers are advised to bring in their own supplies, food and beverages are also available onsite. Children 12 and under are allowed free of charge.

The humble town of Nebraska plays host to many grand music festivals in the country. Comstock Country Music is one of such events. The event has recently undergone a facelift and now focuses solely on country music; previously it showcased rock and Christian music as well. The three day event takes place in August and besides the big stars, local musicians and stars also perform in the Comstock.

The International Labor Day

The International Labor DayThe International Labor Day also called May Day is celebrated to honor the struggle of the working class who protested against the unfair treatment meted out towards them.

In the late nineteenth century, the Labor Unions in the USA passed a resolution demanding the working hours to be restricted to 8 hours. The laborers were forced to work ten, twelve or even fourteen hours a day and the demand for shorter working hours gained momentum. The workers went on a strike and held rallies. To counter act this movement, the government used violence and the police opened fire on the strikers killing four and wounding several. A rally was held the next day by the strikers to condemn the incidence however someone from the rally threw a bomb at the police contingent which resulted in the death of one policeman and caused injuries to many. The police responded by opening fire causing more casualties.

The International Labor DayThe sacrifices and struggles of the workers later bore fruit and the workers all over the world not only got their desired 8 hours working day but 1st May was also declared a public holiday to signify its importance. Ironically, Labor Day is not celebrated in the USA on 1st May.

May Day is celebrated by holding rallies and speeches and paying homage to those who strives for better working conditions.

Festivals in the Month of August

August FestivalsFestivals in the Month of August

Depending on the country, festivals that are celebrated in the month of August can be placed in a number of categories. In Spain, the Aste Nagusia Bilbao is a traditional Latin dance party celebrated for 10 days. This festival is filled with people of all ages that enjoy the mixture of traditional Basque music, sports, and dance. In Laos, a more cultural and religious type of festival is celebrated, known as Boun Khao Padabdin. During this festival, Laotians give honor and offerings to their ancestors at the temple.
The Art of Burning Man in USA is a bizarre type of festival that lasts for 7 days every year. Its celebration is centered at the Black Rock City in Nevada that has a world-class view of extraordinary wilderness. In Australia, the Charleville Camel, Donkey, & Yabbie Race Festival is celebrated with wacky parties. Scotland takes pride during its Edinburgh Festival Fringe where immense gatherings of actors, dancers, musicians, and artists from 40 different countries take place for performances.
The Eisa Festival in Japan is celebrated in the late part of August. It marks the end of the summer season. It celebrates the time of saying goodbye to the spirits of ancestors that came back for Obon. The Khan Tengri Mountain Festival in Kazakhstan has an extreme festival celebration for sports. In this festival, extreme sport competitions are held for visitors to enjoy.


Five Popular Sports Festivals

Five Popular Sports Festivals, BasantVarious sports festivals are celebrated throughout the world but only five are considered popular to many people. Among these are the Kite Festival in Pakistan, the Tour de France Festival in France, the Tibet Horse Festival in Tibet, the Nadaam Festival in Mongolia, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the USA.

The Kite Festival in Lahore, Pakistan is celebrated during spring season. In this festival, people stayed on their rooftops for the traditional kite flying. The festival is celebrated for five days as thousands of kites litter the skies. It is participated by various kite fighters both amateur and professional. Five Popular Sports FestivalsDuring the event, kite fighters try to cut and snag each other’s kites down.

The Tour de France is a festival celebrated throughout France. It is a 23-day tour that starts from the borders of the country and finishes in Paris. This festival is not only one of the popular sports festivals in the world but also the hardest one. Its tour usually covers more than 3,500 kilometers of the most grueling terrains and mountainous areas in the country. The tour is divided in segments or stages for the participants.

Five Popular Sports Festivals

The Tibet Horse Festival is held every August in Tibet. In this festival, thousands of herdsmen participate in an archery and horse race contests as they dress themselves in outfits as well as their horses in fineries.

The Nadaam Festival in Mongolia takes place in July. It is an annual celebration held across the country Five Popular Sports Festivalsreminiscing the manly sports of horseback racing, archery, and wrestling. It is a three-day event with traditional dancing and parades prior the beginning of the sports event.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in USA is a colorful hot air balloon festival held every October during fall season. It is Five Popular Sports Festivalsa nine-day even where more than 750 balloons are flown to the skies. It is also the most photographed and largest event in the world.