Top five music festivals of the world

Music is a universal language understood and appreciated throughout the world. The music lovers pay homage to music by holding different music festivals in different seasons and in different countries

Music festivals of the world

The Sitka Summer Festival is held in the remote corners of Alaska. It was founded by Paul Rosenthal the celebrated violinist in 1972. The festival is held twice a year once in February and once in June. It is the summer festival in June that pulls the biggest crowd of music lovers. The Sitka Summer Festival is held for three weeks and the magnificent landscape of Alaska provides the perfect stage.  A large number of international artistes perform in the open unaided by sound systems.

Rock al Parque Festival is the biggest Rock Festival which rocks Latin America. The rock festival takes place in Bogotá Colombia and features rock bands from Colombia as well as from other countries. The entrance is free and it is one of the most awaited events of the year. The bands have you screaming for more and from heavy metal rock to alternative rock bands; the entertainment has no bounds.

The snow resort of Naeba in Fuji Japan hosts a musical event in which musicians from Japan and other countries of the world participate. This three day event is well attended by thousands of music lovers from the world.

Top five music festivals of the world

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts takes place in Somerset, England. It is an open air event featuring modern musical galas, dance, theatre and other forms of performing arts. It is a grand event which last for three days.

The Austere Milwaukee Summerfest held in Wisconsin in USA is claimed to be the largest musical event of the world. For 11 days (from late June till early July) you are entertained by more than 700 bands.

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